Visit Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon’s formation came from years and years of rapid flowing  water wearing away at the sandstone. Mother Nature eventually shaped the smooth edges and formed open slots that make the modern day pathways that we are able to walk through.

There are two parts to the canyon — Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon. Lower is most known for its photography tour. While Upper Antelope Canyon is popular for its guided tours. The canyon sits on the Najvo tribal land and is sacred to the Native Americans.

Because of this, the only way to access the canyon is through a tour company. We went through Antelope Slot Canyon Tours which I highly recommend. A truck will take you on a ride from Page right up to the entrance of the canyon. Our tour guide was passionate about the rock formations and pointed out what she believed to see.

Winding pathways in Upper Antelope CanyonShadows in a slot canyon Dark waves at Antelope Canyon Light peaking in slot canyon Upward views at Upper Antelope Canyon Smooth edges of slot canyon Bright eye of sun peaking in slot canyon Eagle structure in sandstone at Upper Antelope CanyonSun beams of slot canyon Traveler at Upper Antelope Canyon Dark and bright views of slot canyon Ridges in sandstone canyon Dark shadows at canyon Burst of sun at Upper Antelope Canyon Eye formation at Antelope Canyon Red sandstone formations

If your goal during the tour is to capture photos, be sure to slow your shutter speed to let more light in. If you’re shooting with your iPhone, our tour guide gave us the tip to use the Chrome filter to add more vibrancy to the purple and orange hues. Peak times of the day to catch the colors from the sun are 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

You can see the natural wonder in photos, but there’s nothing like walking through this slot canyon and seeing it with your own eyes.

Author: Mackenzie

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