The Ultimate Getaway at Candlewood Cabins

In sharing photos from my trip to the Meadow House of the Candlewood Cabins, I can’t count the times I was asked, “Where are you?!” It’s not overstated that this place is attractive. The cozy and secluded lodge is located in the valleys of southwestern Wisconsin.

Outside of Richland Center – a small-town community with a little over 5,000 people – sits Candlewood Cabins on an 80 acre property.

By popular demand, these cabins are placed on the list of impossible to book. If you take a quick glance at the reservations calendar, you’ll see that they’re booked solid for the rest of this year and all of next. As one guest stated, “If you are lucky enough to stay here, well then you are lucky enough.”

Leave it to an architect and a creative to build a secluded sanctuary. Owned by a sweet couple, Norbert and Susan, they offer year-round rentals in their four cabins. Included are the Log Cabin, Hillside Cabin, Glass House and Meadow House. Their fifth, called the Woodland House, is in progress and set to open up in late 2017. They’ve given us the hint that this little hideaway on the hill will feature a tree house design with a spiral staircase!

The couple opened Candlewood Cabins back in 1995. It all started after the owner’s brother built a cabin in their backyard wanting to live off the grid – literally. After couple years, he lived out that dream and the two decided to purchase the cabin with the thought that maybe people would want to stay there.

Since the opening of the Log Cabin, they’ve expanded to provide a place for even more guests to experience. It was after they used some leftover glass to create the Glass House that really put them on the map.

When talking to Norbert he mentioned they didn’t plan to be innkeepers. I find him saying this so interesting. Life truly has its ways of steering you in ways you are meant to go.

I could listen to this man speak all day. As we stood on the front porch, listening to the birds chirp and the sun sinking down, he stated, “It’s all about how you feel where you are.” I couldn’t agree more with his statement. Additionally, I believe it’s all about who you’re with and what you make of it.

This place is a great way to experience the best of all Wisconsin’s seasons. It’s where you can be with nature as you listen to the wildlife surrounding you, and enjoy weather making its statement.

I read this quote in the guest book and it couldn’t be more true. “Dreams of beauty now come alive in this fantastic wonder of a cottage.”

If you’re looking for a retreat, it’s the perfect place to recharge your soul and get away from it all… including cell phone service. The couple offer up their property for hiking which includes an inclined trail leading to the top of the ridge. Once you make your way up, you’ll find a small table and two stools for the perfect spot to watch the sunset on a clear night – unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate for us.

Suggestions for activities in the area include hiking, kayaking, winery, coffee shops and more to get the local experience. I recommend challenging yourself to take a step back and find a way to simply relax, stepping away from everyday life. Have a mimosa or two. I promise you will not regret it (or that extra nap you decide to take unless the turkeys interrupt you)!

We stayed at the Meadow House with 360 degree windows (and shades if you decide you need them). It definitely lived up to my expectations! With it’s modern, yet rustic look, it offered the perfect escape. Outside, is a fire pit for you to enjoy your own little campfire in the backyard with the moon floating above you. S’mores and pudgy pies (unless you burn them – ha) are always a great idea! Or light a tiny fire in the inside fireplace and chill with a glass of wine.

Side note, the policy advises that you do not bring your own wood according to the Department of Natural Resources. Wood is available for a $5 purchase.

CandlewoodCabinsCabin bedCouchMeadow houseKitchen and sleeping areaKitchen

It does come with a fully equipped kitchen. One of the best parts of our time here was making our own meals together! Also, downstairs is a Murphy bed for more sleeping options.

If you’re looking to stay at one of the Candlewood Cabins, visit here for reservations. Note, it’s usually booked a year in advance. However, with a little luck, maybe you’ll snag a cancellation. Otherwise, make sure to add the reservations opening to your calendar so you don’t miss out on this unique experience!

I want to thank Norbert and Susan for offering their guests an incredible place to stay and enjoy time together. I loved our sweet nights at the cabin!

Author: Mackenzie

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