Tripcipe: The Travel App You Need Now

A must-need travel app for your personalized planning

Have you been using many different sites to research things to do for an upcoming trip? I’ve used Pinterest, Instagram, Google and more to gather ideas on activities in a place I’m traveling to. I’ve been waiting for the right tool that can bring it all together.

Let me introduce you to Tripcipe. Referred to as a recipe for a trip, it is a way to get all of your ideas for activities, eating and more, in a singular spot.

It has brought a new approach to my travel and planning – and it can for you too! Here is a quick overview of Tripcipe.


Tripcipe trips dashboard

Create as many trips as you want – and name them, for example, Bachelorette Party, USA Road Trip or simply the name of the country, state or city. The benefit of Tripcipe is that you can create trips that are personalized to your interests. Within your trips, you can see a collection of the activities you’ve clipped on a map in relation to others. And yes, you can add collaborators for a joint planning effort with your family and friends.


Tripcipe allows you to “clip” points of interest to your trips. There are different types of clips that help you categorize activities within your trip. This is helpful for easy identification. Clip categories include: eats, sleep, activity, shopping, transportation, drinks, other, uncategorized.

There are a couple of ways that you can add a clip. First, you can add a clip at under your account. You will select Add Clip on the toolbar and select a trip to save the clip to. Enter the destination and it will gather related details. If it doesn’t pull in all information, you can manually add it.

Tripcipe add clip from browser

The other way is to use the Clipper plug-in extension. This is only available on Google Chrome.

Tripcipe Clipper plug-in extension

The plug-in icon is added to your web browser toolbar. When you’re searching the web and you’re on any page, you can click on the Clipper and it will allow you to highlight over select places on the page, or you can save a different place by typing it in.

Tripcipe plug-in extension

Sometimes, the clip will come with an image automatically pulled from the web. However, you can edit the clip and upload your own. There was a function that allowed you to change the image to one from the webpage you were on; however, that function was changed, and I wish they would bring it back.

When you make a clip to add to your trip, it will grab information from the web related to the point of interest. Fields include address, phone, hours, website. You can edit or add this information, as well as add a description – for example, remind yourself of that #instafamous latte you need to try.

Tripcipe clip details

See all points of interest on the map from where you’re going to stay, to transportation, to where you’re going to grab a drink.

Tripcipe trip map view


Within your trips, there is the option to create an itinerary of your days and dates for a more organized plan. This is especially helpful when you have a tight timeline.

Tripcipe itinerary and map view

Mobile application

The mobile application is only available for Apple users. There is no Android version.

Tripcipe mobile app

You can view your trips and clips you created on your browser. However, the mobile app isn’t as robust as the browser. It’s limitation is that there is currently no way to make clips via the app.

Tripcipe trips mobile app view

Nevertheless, it is still very handy while you’re traveling. You also have the ability to download trips to use offline so you don’t have to use your data. Once you’re within the trip, you can pinch in and out to zoom on the map. Or you can switch to the view of scrolling through your full list of clips.

Tripcipe mobile app map view

When you view the clip on your phone, the address and phone number are clickable, allowing you to easily open Maps or your Phone for fast and easy use.

Tripcipe mobile clip view


While I believe the app is still in beta, there are a few areas of improvement that Tripcipe can focus on.

  • Optimize speed of online browser
  • Slight user experience design enhancements in the browser and mobile app
  • Additional capabilities rolled out to mobile
  • Create option to make trips or clips private 

Though, I do believe Tripcipe is a must-need travel app! While you have to do the work to get trips and clips set up, it’s made for you to create personalized trips. Download and try it out on your next tour or road trip and let me know how it works for you!

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Author: Mackenzie

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