Red Rock Jeep Tour

The canyons, red rocks and expansive land draw in travelers to Arizona because they’re nothing short of natural attractions. With its alluring traits, Sedona has plenty of options for getting outdoors. Get a glimpse of the landscape with Red Rock Western Jeep Tour company.

I highly recommend the Soldier Pass Trail tour. It’s the only tour company that is allowed to take this trail, assuring that you will receive a unique experience.

Their Western themed tours are a great way to learn about the history of the area. With guides dressed liked cowboys, you take a ride in an open topped Jeep through through scenic trails.

Road with rocks in distance Lanscape view of rocks in the distance Girl and guy riding Jeep with tour guideLandscape photo of forest Trees growing in winding ways Red Rock Jeep Tour on path Red flowered plantRock rocks in Sedona, Arizona Tour guide driving Jeep up incline

There were moments that we literally felt like we were going to just tip right over the front end or flip backwards.

Collapse in rock structure Collapse in rock stucture

If you’re interested in learning more, check out their FAQs here.

Author: Mackenzie

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