Finding Hidden Victoria Beach

Victoria Beach
California beach with natural, vibrant teal blue water and a 1920s iconic structure.

If you’re in Laguna, you’ll definitely want to spend an afternoon at Victoria Beach.

While open to the public, access to Victoria Beach is quite hidden. Located in the middle of a community, you’ll find a narrow staircase off Victoria Drive. You will need to find street parking in this area or beyond because it is extremely limited.

Get directions to the public stairway access to Victoria Beach.

Sandy beach in Laguna Beach

When you reach the bottom of the stairs, you will see it open up into a beautiful beach. You’ll walk down and go to the right, around a rock cliff and see its most iconic attraction—the Pirate Tower. It’s Victorian turret structure was built in 1926 as a man’s way to get down to the beach. The stairs are no longer open to the public, but you can definitely go up to it and explore surrounding rock pools.

Girl walking towards tower on beach Girl on Victoria Beach Girl in ocean water in Laguna BeachVictoria Beach

Have you ever seen the incredible aerial shots above the circular tide pool in Laguna (like this)? You can also find this at Victoria Beach. When high tide rolls in and water fills up along the walls, it makes a perfect tide pool. Unfortunately, I’m couldn’t capture the birds-eye view because I’m not that far along in my photography—yet—ha!

Note, be aware of potential rip currents as they could catch you by surprise.

Girl on sand next to oceanRock pools on ocean coastVictorian tower next to rock cliff on beach

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Author: Mackenzie