Finding Coal Mine Canyon


My girlfriend, Carrie Lippert, and I planned to get to Horseshoe Bend for the sunset. We had it all planned out – drink wine, capture the sunset, Instagram. With all good intentions to uphold our travel plans, we tried our best to get there. But it simply wasn’t going to happen. We failed our itinerary.

As soon we realized this, I opened up the Maps app. While traveling through northern Arizona, you’ll find that it’s quite deserted. But I spotted an area outside of Tuba City, called Coal Mine Canyon. It would take us 25 miles of our way. We weren’t going to make it to our original destination in time anyways; why not go?

So we went.

I found an article that shared details about Coal Mine Canyon and how to get there. When you see the windmill, take a left down the dirt road. Well, this sounds questionable, but intriguing at the same time.

Photo Oct 31, 6 38 26 AMIMG_2657

When we arrived, we looked around and there was no one else in sight – besides the wild goats. We had this incredible, natural wonder all to ourselves.

Photo Oct 31, 6 07 47 AMPhoto Oct 31, 6 07 12 AM

I couldn’t believe it. As I do often when I travel, I stood there taking it all in. We live in such a large world and sometimes you take for granted what you have right in your backyard. But when you travel and come across these special places, it makes you appreciate it all.
Photo Oct 31, 6 13 21 AMPhoto Oct 31, 6 21 11 AMPhoto Oct 31, 6 15 39 AMIMG_2655

If you haven’t gotten lost, I’d encourage you to try. You’ll test your limits and expand your boundaries. It may just teach you something about yourself, while providing you with an experience you will never forget.

Photo Oct 31, 6 39 42 AMPhoto Oct 31, 6 37 20 AM
Have you taken the road less traveled? How was your experience?

Author: Mackenzie

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