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Cape Cod is such a fitting place to have a relaxing summer getaway. It came as sort of a surprise to me that some of the cities within the Cape are not relatively large. The population spikes during the warmer months, but its cities still give off the quaint, small town feel while you’re there. There are four different sections of the Cape including the Upper Cape, Mid-Cape, Lower Cape and Outer Cape. I’ve highlighted a few places that my girlfriends and I visited along the way in which we had a good time and met some awesome people (you’ve got to love their New England accents).

PLYMOUTH – Plymouth is a part of the Cape Cod Bay and is a necessary stop for all Americans. With the Plymouth Rock being a major piece of history claimed to be the spot where the pilgrims stepped off the Mayflower. Right down the street we came across a great place for lunch at Cabby Shack. It is famous for its award-winning clam chowder (chow-dah). The rooftop deck offered a great atmosphere with a view of the water and boats.


HYANNIS PORT – We then continued downward to Hyannis Port, which is one of the larger cities. It’s about an hour and half drive from the Logan International Airport. Hyannis is the port for ferries to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. The main street offered a stretch to stroll with many different shops to stop and get some unique and typical souvenirs. Hyannis has a nice choice of restaurants to get fresh seafood. We had champagne and oysters at Torino Restaurant and Bar with the enjoyment of live music being played right in front of our table. On another night we ate at Baxter’s Boathouse that is a nice little place right on the water. We also enjoyed a night out a popular bar in town called Beech Tree. It has an indoor and outdoor bar with seating and standing room around its signature tree.hyannis-1hyannis-2hyannis-3hyannis-4hyannis-5hyannis-6hyannis-7hyannis-8hyannis-9hyannis-10cape cod-1cape cod-2

– Provincetown is a little over an hour from Hyannis. The trip to the tip of the Cape is very doable to accomplish in a day. We took a drive to see what the furthest most city had to offer. It’s a city well-known for its gay pride with rainbow flags hanging all around. Read my post about Provincetown.


– Chatham definitely lived up to its expectations. It was such a sweet little town in the Lower Cape. We rented kayaks from a friendly couple that literally runs Chatham Kayak Company out of their shed. You can cruise around the coast and out into the ocean if you want (but at your own risk). We had a night of great food and meeting new people at the popular Chatham Squire restaurant and bar. Keeping up with its old city charm, we stayed at an inn that was over 300 years old! A cute little lady handed us the key to our room that was actually three inches long; she also made us breakfast in the morning.

chatham-1chatham-2chatham-3chatham-4cape cod-3chatham-5chatham-6chatham-7chatham-8chatham-9chatham-10
DENNIS – We made a quick stop to check out the beaches in Dennis. They’re very calm and relaxing to enjoy an afternoon laying under the sun. All of the cities in the Cape have a view of the water with the potential to see seals and maybe even a shark. You just have to chose which ones you want to visit!dennis-1dennis-2cape cod-4

Cape Cod was definitely a highlight on my list of my adventures.

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