Blue Springs State Park, Florida

Blue Springs State Park is a natural wonder with its spring and crystal clear water. Located on St. John’s River, it is a haven for manatees during the winter months because of its moderate water temperatures around 70 degrees. The spring runs deeper than 110 feet with fresh water flowing to the surface. Not only is it a popular spot for manatees, but also for visitors, swimmers, snorkelers and divers.

Spanish moss on trees along springs Spanish moss on treeAlligator in Florida springsMy trip to Blue Springs State Park didn’t happen like expected. When I arrived, I found out that getting into the water was prohibited. I was disappointed to hear this at first, until I talked to some other visitors. Park staff shut it down because alligators were spotted — umm yeah, I guess that’s okay then! Because I see an alligator (middle left).

Palm treesGirl on walkway with palm trees

However, if you can’t get in the water, it’s not an unsuccessful trip. The park has a 1/3 mile boardwalk that you can stroll and check out the many different viewpoints of the springs. I promise you won’t forget the sight of this blue-green water.

Fish in clear spring water Crystal clear water a natural springsClear water at natural springsClear blue water at natural springs

If you’re traveling here, it’s important to know that during November through March the water is closed to offer manatees a natural habitat without boats and humans. Be sure to check out the Blue Springs State Park website before you go.

Have you visited any of Florida’s springs? Which was your favorite? I can’t wait to share more spots with you!

Author: Mackenzie

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