10 Photos That Will Inspire You to Visit Malibu

As Miley Cyrus says, the sky’s more blue in Malibu. And so is the water. With a population just over 12,000, Malibu, has a beautiful coastline with rock cliffs and luxurious houses. While we only spent a few hours at Robert Meyer Mem State Beach, which has a few mini beaches, I will say the area is definitely worth a visit. You might also check out Zuma Beach, the largest and most popular beach in Malibu.

Rock cliffs next to ocean Ocean and large rock on coast Rock on beach in oceanGirl walking on beach Large rocks in ocean water Girl walking away on beach in front of large rocks Rock with open arch in oceanView from above of girl on stairwell with ocean current belowPier in ocean water in MalibuGirl with off the shoulder sweater on Malibu beach


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Author: Mackenzie

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